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D-Town Records Dallas, Texas: EIEG LLC d/b/a D-Town Records is one of the fastest growing Independent Record Labels in America today. In a year and a half major distributions companies like Titan / Pyramid Records and Fontana/Universal Music Group (UMG), have already contacted DTR and presented them with contracts. Sony/Big Red Music Group is also interested in DTR, for distribution of DTR products. DTR is a full service music entertainment company that specializes in artist management, record production & distribution, music consulting, publishing, & promotion of music by talented artists of various backgrounds. DTR develops, produces, records, distributes, manages and publishes artists within the music and entertainment industry. We discover new and emerging talent and then introduce that talent to various record industry contacts with the expectation of obtaining a recording distribution contract. DTR also manages the music careers of well-known and established artists and entertainers. Provides high quality music consulting services through know-how and contacts within the industry.


CEO and Founder: Nate Edwards born in Lincoln Heights, Ohio a.k.a. Zone 15 and moved to Dallas, Texas in 1981. I conceptualized and created D-Town Records I founded D-Town Records in November 2004, out of a company I had created one year prior. This company is EIEG LLC. And is a Tear 2 supplier to General Motors. EIEG LLC. Stands for Edwards Independent Entertainment Group.




EIEG, LLC (Edwards Independent Entertainment Group) was conceptualized and created in 2003, entirely by Nate Edwards. EIEG, LLC was originally developed as a tier 2 supplier to General Motors CCRW (Convey Controls Robotics and Welding) group in Detroit Michigan Central Office. EIEG covers GM manufacturing plant throughout the US, Canada and Mexico offering project management for the design, budgeting and implementation of manufacturing equipment for current and new vehicles. D-Town Records was originally developed as an artist management and music promotions company as our primary focus. As D-Town Records started to move forward in the artist management arena it became apparent to us that we needed additional strength in other areas of the music industry, to be able to attract clients that were experienced and professional enough to provide D-Town Records with considerable management and promotion commissions. Since then D-Town Records has continued to experience a constant change and has devolved into NateE Entertainment and EIEG Publishing, and become a multi-faceted global music entertainment company. Through many years of networking and adding team members with continual interaction and steady involvement in the music entertainment industry, D-Town Records has now become a very well respected Indie Label in the music industry. The new entertainment division of Eieg brought new business to D-Town Records with the addition of high caliber music industry personnel and artists who began to take notice of who D-Town Records is and where our vision will eventually lead us. D-Town Records has recruited and aligned itself with some of the best music industry professionals with proven track records that the industry has to offer. We have always had the music artist in mind as the core focus of our business. D-Town Records is a very artist friendly music entertainment company and will always remain so. Over two years of extensive research on the strengths and weaknesses of the Major Labels and the entertainment industry as a whole, have helped us formulate a very specific strategy to help D-Town Records, gain and maintain a major market share of these industries as a whole. D-Town Records philosophy is to take old world music industry mentality and infuse it with new world technology thus granting D-Town Records a competitive edge. D-Town Records philosophy can be easily be understood and embraced by the recording industry and the entertainment industry, especially after the music piracy scandal, because the labels now see the benefit of hybrid entertainment companies like D-Town Records. From the very beginning of D-Town Records, Nate Edwards has maintained the overall vision of goals and strategies to make D-Town Records a global leader in the independent music and entertainment industries.




Artist Roster:

Genre: Hip Hop

1). LG3 Dallas, Texas: LG3 is a innovated young teenage singing group that brings a fresh, crisp and clean new sound to the music industry. The musical group is already receiving worldwide acclaim, for their electrifying stage performances that leaves audiences wanting more and more. Their performance on August 13th, 2005 in East Texas was nothing short of perfect. They grabbed the crowd, kept the crowd, and took them on a musical journey. LG3 truly took over the Car Show with the Blaze KAZE 106.9 FM. The girls are future headliners in every since of the word, we would advised you to keep your ears and eyes open for these up and coming new divas.


Rapper: My name is Joshica Maria Youngblood, better known as "Shica" I was born November 30, 1987 to Bryant Youngblood Sr. and Demetria Anderson. I live in Dallas Texas with my mother Demetria and my stepfather Jerome Rhodes. I have two brothers Joshua and Bryant Jr. As a child I enjoyed spending my days writing short stories, poetry, and songs. I am attending David W. Carter High School, where I'm upholding a 3.5 G.P.A. She has received many awards and trophies for her achievement. I have many talents and gifts such as playing the flute in Orchestra, basketball, President of the student council, and was placed on the National Junior Honor Society


Singer: My name is Shawnee’s Britanny Hudgens, better know as "Shawneda" I was born October 31, 1987 to Leroy and Hazel Hudgens. As the only child Shawnete has displayed her many talents of singing, dancing and speaking. Shawnete has won many performance awards. Shawnete has been described as a child born of music, often referred to as having a voice beyond her years. She's attending David W. Carter High School, where she is upholding a 3.2 G.P.A. She is a participant in the Jr. R.O.T.C.the Gospel and Honors Choir.



Reviews include:

well sung and rapped
I like the voice of the woman, fresh and very lithe, also strong. The background vocals are very well set. The main pattern is good balanced. I like the drum section as well.The rapped parts are very good to, a bit nasaly but agressif, though. I'm missing a bridge which brings in other harmonies. The End is quiet abrupt. Listening to it for the second time, I find out that the beginning builds up an expection which is suddenly changed by the beat, that's original. All in all: Nice production!
- lauradee from Germany on 2Jan2006

Really nice, original.
This is a strong track, beginning to end. I don't hear a lot of good female rappers these days and this was definitley on par with professional sounding hip-hop recordings. The beat is excellent, the lyrics engaging... very well done.
- dubstyle5000 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 23Jan2006

The real stuff
Wow,nice groove. The rhythm is great and the vocals are very nice. This sounds like the real stuff. Great work!
- Frenz from Zeist, Netherlands on 30Dec2005

Not bad
I'm a vocal coach and for me to say I like the female voice is saying something. You have that sound that teenagers is bouncing to right now. Song wise it sound like you're angry at somebody and just had to vent. What better way than music. Lyrics fall in line with my last statement. overall I think that the market would eat you up in a minute if given the chance. You got it! Move away from the Lil Moe sound your voice is to pretty for that.
- Sabria7 from Unspecified on 23Jan2006



Think About You:

Track of the Day on 15Dec2005 in Hip Hop
#3 Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, all-time
#10 Best Production in Hip Hop, all-time
#13 Best Melody in Hip Hop, all-time
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 12Dec2005
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 19Dec2005
Best Bass in Hip Hop, week of 12Dec2005
Best Production in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005
Best Melody in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005
Best Mood in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005

Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 14Nov2005
Best Melody in Hip Hop, week of 14Nov2005




Genre: Rap

2). CMC Dallas, Texas: CMC is a Innovated Southern Style Rap Group based in Dallas, Texas. Signed with DTR D-Town Records in 2006. DTR recording artist LG3 introduced CMC to the world on the single Excuses. They are featured on the song WE RIDIN and is currently working on there single scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2006. The reviews on WE RIDIN are good for a new Texas Rap Group with a style of their own

Marcus Butler a/k/a CASH

Home Town: Greenville, MS

Age: 26

Experience: 12 years



Reviews include:

southern style i like,sounds like your from houston,lyrics good beats the shit,reminds me of slim thug on the hook.
- saint_francis from Greensboro, North Carolina on 21Jan2006

Club-banger fo' sho!!!!! The beat is knockin'. That dirty South flow is hotness. I'm feelin' the female, sexy voice and attitude to match. The hook is killin' 'em. Sounds like Slim Thug came through and did the bizness. You are definitly ready!!
- MrWestkoast from Westkoast, California on 19Jan2006

THats whats good
Whats up yall... I listen the thw WHOLE tracks... and i think it was mixxed well. I like the screwed up feel in the chorus and all of your transitions were put together pefect... Keep up the good work

- Gm3 from Coral Springs, Florida on 16Jan2006

This is that shit sound like paul wall and Nappy Roots real hot shit mane i lov e that texas shit baby last mane sound like juicy j this song is bangin dirty chuk the deuces an roll out chuck
- shawnbax from Louisville, Kentucky on 13Jan2006

It's cool
I'm feeling this song. It has a straight Texas feel to it, and I've been a fan of Texas music since DJ Screw dropped June "27th." I really don't have too much criticism for you but I would like to tell you to keep up the good work!!!
- havocdadon973 from University City, Missouri on 13Jan2006

this is hot here
Yea this what im talkin about. Some dirty south shit. Got my head bouncen. Love the female vocals. The beat is on fire. Very good job on the lyrics. Kept them very tight. The hook is jumpn. Got a good h-town feel. The female is killin em. This here is goin on my playlist.
- DaProphet81 from West Hell, South Carolina on 13Jan2006

nice track
What I liked: Beat production was hot, got that dirty south feel with that mike jones thing on the hook. emcees are tight, great delivery. Nice to see a female emcee on the mic, she sounds tight too.

What I didn't like: mix could have used a little work not much though, overall sounds pretty good. some of the vocal levels weren't present enough. just some minor tweeks and it's ready to go.

nice work, keep bringin it to us with heat.
- Steve_Lojik from Covina, California on 12Jan2006





Kelvin Hodge a/k/a SLIM

Home Town: Dallas, TX

Age: 32

Experience: 20 years




Jermey Brazil a/k/a J BEZY

Home Town: Dallas, TX

Age: 18

Experience: 4 years



Ricky Brown a/k/a FLIGHT DOG

Home Town: Pachuta, MS

Age: 21

Experience: 7 years




Genre: R&B

3). GEISHA Dallas, Texas: Geisha is a innovated young singer that brings a fresh, crisp and clean new sound to the music industry. This singer is electrifying with a dynamic stage performance that leaves audiences wanting more and more. Her performance on August 13th, 2005 in East Texas was nothing short of perfect. Geisha truly grabbed the fans at the Car Show with the Blaze KAZE 106.9 FM. The girl is a future headliners in every since of the word, we would advised you to keep your ears and eyes open for this up and coming new diva.

Coming new diva.


My name is Geisha Lasha Woodard, better known as "Geisha." I was born on September 19th, 1978 in Chicago, IL, however, was raised in Rochester, NY.I write and sing mostly Pop, R&B, and some Alternative. I have been involved in music since the age of 4 when I began singing in the church choir. As I grew up, I began entering myself into various talent contests, which I was very successful at. I also took dance classes, which consisted of ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with some great local producers. In 2004, on of my songs was even reproduced by Wayne Garfield, who wrote the song "All For You" by Janet Jackson. This song is called "Day and Night."

On a more personal level, some of the artists that have inspired me are Chaka Kahn, Earth, Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Carpenters, and Stevie Wonder, and the list could go on and on. Some of my favorite songwriters are Irwin Robinson, Burt Bacharach, and Diane Warren and Stevie Wonder. My hobbies and leisure activities include, dancing, working out, skiing, shopping, and of course, writing songs. My hobbies and leisure activities include, dancing, working out, skiing, shopping, and of course, writing songs.

I am currently signed with indie label D Town Records. My goal at this point is my career is to definitely grow in my songwriting skills and to also become a huge icon that affects the world in a positive way.











Reviews include:

very good
the violin in this song was deffinatly good worked very well in the song and the vocals are done very well and the person doing them has a very good voice. the song is not somthign id listen to normaly but it was a good song
from United Kingdom on 30Nov2005

The intro grabbed me with the cute lil birds and Minnie Riperton samples.. slick
Can't say much more. The girl sounded pretty good. The mix was cute. I like this. Nice work.
from Cleveland, Ohio on 30Nov2005

i love it baby.

you can go on the mic. yal remind me of floetry. you rippin the mic and your buddy blowing on the track. i know yall are close to getting signed right. i would love to hear more of your music cause you are so talented. but as for what you are looking for comments on the vocals are great, the violin adds a different but interesting flava to it. the production was flawless and love the background noise. holla, stay on the grind.
 from Unspecified on 28Nov2005

sound good
i like this song you did very good work on it all i can say is keep up the good work for you fans
 from Miami, Florida on 26Nov2005

Tight flow and vocals.

Sound like a good radio quality tune. This is very well put together.
 from Detroit, Michigan on 30Nov2005

Ha The Jokes on You Rap Mix:

Track of the Day on 10Dec2005 in Hip Hop
#4 Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, all-time
#24 Feel Good Track in Hip Hop, all-time
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 28Nov2005
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005
Best Melody in Hip Hop, week of 28Nov2005
Best Mood in Hip Hop, week of 28Nov2005
Feel Good Track in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005
Rocking Track in Hip Hop, week of 5Dec2005












Radio include:


·          Interview with Greg Street @ KKDA K104 FM Dallas, Texas

·          Song Rotation and Interviews and Live Remotes with C-Hawk @ The Party Station KNOR 93.7 FM Dallas, Texas

·          Interview with Big Bink @ The Beat KBFB FM 97.9 Dallas, Texas

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·          Interview and Song Rotation with Lady B @ KZRB 103.5 FM Texarkana, Texas


Performances include:










Record Distribution Freshman Release:


·         Product Selling On-Line: CD Baby, Tower Records, Best Buy.

·         Digital Distribution: I-tunes, music net, Next Radio Solutions, Puretracks, MSN Music, Tradebit, PassAlong and Goldmic… Over 20 companies.

·         Eargazum Record Stores: located @ Richardson Mall, Irvin Mall, Arlington Mall and Lewisville Mall in North Texas. Dallas Area and East Texas and Growing. See Our web site there are many more stores


Article From IndiStreet Magazine Interview:

For Immediate Release


December 29, 2005


Nate Edwards and his D-Town Record Company is ready to Roll in ‘06

Dallas, Texas – The stars at night are huge and immaculately brighter, thanks to the emergence of Dallas, Texas new R&B/Hip Hop label, D-Town Records.  With album releases slated for 2006, D-Town plans on mirroring the success of the record labels from their neighboring city of Houston.

A brief overview of the company is as follows: Nate Edwards is the Owner/CEO and founder of D-Town Records. D-Town Records was created out of EIEG, LLC that stands for ‘Edwards Independent Entertainment Group’. “We at EIEG took on this project to help a colleague, who at the time was managing a Rhythm & Blues singer in 2004,” says the prolific CEO of D-Town. “Since then, we have signed two dynamic artists in LG3 (R&B/Hip Hop Group) and Geisha (Vocalist). Both artists are slated for album releases in 2006.”

D-Town Records is determined to bring a fresh new image and sound to music. With artists who are already winning awards online in the lines of, “Best Melody, Best Female Vocals, Best Mood in Hip Hop, and many others”, it’s not hard to see why D-Town will not only turn heads, but open up the ears of disenfranchised fans across the nation who miss hearing thought provoking and gratifying music on the airwaves. “I am all about creating and distributing a product that is worth its weight in gold,” says Mr. Edwards. “My love for music runs as deep as my love for playing every Sunday for the greatest sport in the world (NFL). You are taught as a player to leave everything that you have on the field. And the artists of D-Town Records live by the very same teachings that I stand for.  I’ll let the music speak for itself.”